Board of Directors

The LEAP Board of Directors focuses on the big picture and vision of the future. The Board is responsible for directing and protecting the organization and the interests of the community. It encourages a diversity of viewpoints and clearly distinguishes Board and staff roles.

Key areas of Board Responsibilities include:

  1. Determination of the Mission, Vision and Values
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Development of Corporate Policies
  4. Selection and evaluation of the Executive Director
  5. Ongoing maintenance of the organization
  6. Compliance with legislation and policy
  7. Ensure that adequate resources are available
  8. Assurance that proper financial controls are in place

Board Members:

  • Kevin Warkentin – Director
  • Bonnie Boucha – Director
  • Dianne Williamson – Chair
  • Janice England – Director
  • Tracey Bichon – Director