Employment Service (ES)

The goal of the Employment Service program is to assist Ontarians find sustainable employment. There are varying levels of services provided, depending on the needs of the user. Those requiring limited assistance are free to come in and work independently in our Resource and Information Area. This includes our job board, career information, computers and printers for resumes, cover letters, applications, etc. as well as additional resources. Our Resource and Employment Advisors are always on hand to help if you need assistance.

At any time, users can request to meet with an Employment Advisor to discuss if they are eligible for our one-to-one services. Working with an Employment Advisor has many benefits. Sometimes having that extra advice and support makes the difference in finding a job and keeping the job! 

Employment Advisors can help with career research, resumes, goal setting, and referrals to our placement services. Placements with local employers are a great way to explore and test jobs that are new to you as well as open up doors that may have been closed. 

These services include, but are not limited to coordinated client service planning and supports that provide:

  • structured and individualized support for conducting a successful job search, 
  • job placement and matching services, 
  • support to assist clients with job retention and training completion

What is Employment Service and how can it help me?

The goal of the Employment Ontario Employment Services is to help Ontarians find sustainable employment.

Employees – LEAP delivers client-driven Employment Services that assists individuals seeking employment.

  • We provide one-to-one services with a trained Employment Advisor which includes:
    • Weekly meetings and check-ins
    • Personalized assistance with job applications (including resumes, cover letters, etc.)
    • Your Employment Advisor will advise you of any jobs in the area that are in line with your goals
  • Referrals to other relevant community services and resources as needed
  • Potential for some financial support *additional eligibility screening required*

Employers – We also support employers seeking visibility by posting job ads on our in-person and online job boards.

  • We can help fill gaps in your staffing through placement services where we place an existing client in an employer’s open job

For more information regarding Employment Service, please visit the FAQs or visit LEAP today!

What can I expect when I walk through LEAP’s front door?

  • Our Resource Advisor will greet you and orient you to our center – they will guide you through the Resource and Information Area, which includes free access to computers, printers, our job board, along with other training resources.
  • Our Resource Advisor will offer you guidance and information in the Resource Area, including:
  • Assistance regarding job applications (e.g. resumes, cover letters, etc.)
  • Job searching and our Job Board
  • Information about One-to-One Employment Services

One-to-One Services include:

  • Filling out a registration form
  • Completing an intake session with one of our Employment Advisors where you will discuss your job history, employment goals, and an action plan to help you meet your goals
  • They will also give you information about additional government programs and funding
  • You will be asked to attend regular appointments with your personal Employment Advisor who will help you take steps towards your goals!
  • Potential referrals to other community programs or government programs such as Second Career!

Please note that all individuals must complete an intake and assessment prior to any potential financial support or referral to other services or programs.

For more information, please drop in or call us at 468-1911.