Youth Job Connection (YJC)

The Youth Job Connection Program (YJC) is a year-round program that assists youth between the ages of 15-29 who need assistance finding and keeping a job. YJC offers intensive support and training to youth between the ages of 15-29 who are not working, not in school and not in training. Youth who are under the age of 18 must be legally excused from attending school in order to participate in the program. Youth will participate in three components:

  • Paid, mandatory pre-employment workshops
  • Job Placements and mentorship, and
  • Help to transition to further education or employment

Youth who are a good fit for the program face barriers to employment such as low income or homelessness, limited work experience, and low levels of literacy and education. Indigenous youth, recent immigrants, and youth living with disabilities may also benefit from this intensive youth employment program.

All potential participants will be pre-screened for eligibility and suitability.

For more information about Youth Job Connection, please drop in or call our office at 468-1911.