Be a LEAP Employer!

There are many benefits to being a LEAP employer!

Many employers use our job posting services on a year-round basis to hire full-time, part-time, student, and casual jobs! We just need a bit of information from you, and your job will be posted FOR FREE on our LEAP job board, our website, and on our social media pages!

Ask our knowledgeable staff about developing job descriptions, evaluations, training resources, and other topics important to you!

Employers may be contacted in regards to our Placement Services Program which is a rewarding experience for many employers and is a great way to HIRE and TRAIN new employees! Employment Advisors may contact an employer if they have a client who is interested in working in a specific field. Employers have the option to interview candidates to see if they would be a good fit in their company. Incentives for employers are available and will vary depending on the job and the trainee.

We have access to many online training programs to ensure that your workers are TRAINED in what matters to you (for instance, Workplace Health and Safety training, WHMIS, etc.). If we don’t offer the training, we will assist you in finding the right training provider.

Too busy to screen resumes? Our staff can do this for you and you can conduct interviews in our office. Simple and convenient!